How to Remove Labels From Wine Bottles?

When you finish one bottle of wine and want to reuse the wine bottle, you will clean the wine bottle. Then, you find you are in a dilemma. If you don’t remove labels from wine bottles, the labels will fade quickly, which will downgrade the beauty of wine bottles. If you decide to remove wine bottle labels, you can’t find better methods to remove them, and you will fumble with removing labels from wine bottles. We know many people are confused about this problem. To solve this problem, we find a few removing labels from wine bottle methods. This blog post will introduce the best way to remove labels from wine bottles at the lowest cost!

How to get labels off wine bottles: some easy and cost-saving methods

Method 1: Hot water.

This is the easiest method and costs zero. You just need to prepare hot water and a container to place a wine bottle. The hot water must be very hot. Otherwise, you won’t remove wine bottle labels as you want. Before placing the wine bottle into the container, use hot water to soak the wine bottle first to avoid glass bottles cracking suddenly. Then, put the full wine bottle into hot water. After 10-30 minutes, take the wine bottles out. Now, the glue should have melted, and removing labels from wine bottles is easy.

Note: you can prepare a glove or towel to prevent getting burnt. If wine bottle labels are hard to remove, you can use soap and water to help you remove them.


Method 2: Removing labels from wine bottles by using alcohol

You need to prepare a towel, cloth, or tissue. Besides, find a little knife to shave the wine bottle labels gently. After removing most labels from wine bottles, there are simply some sticky sticks on the bottle’s surface. This time, just soak the towel, cloth, or tissue with alcohol, and take the wet one and wipe the sticky until removed entirely.

Method 3: Commercial wine bottle label remover

If you have many wine bottles and need to remove wine labels, buying commercial label removers is necessary. Search adhesive removers on Amazon, Aliexpress, or other platforms, and choose one from the best sellers. Some adhesive removers are irritants. Therefore, reading product information carefully is better for avoiding buying irritant label removers. When you receive label removers and start the removing label work, you need to find a special workplace where there is no carpet. Otherwise, it’s possible that you knock over the label remover, then mess up your carpet and even break your carpet. Besides carpets, you should be careful not to soil your clothes, especially your silk and leather clothes.

Now, let’s see the directions for wine label remover! Before working, there are some tools needed. The tools include a clean white cloth and a container with water and soap. Pour the wine bottle remover carefully into a white cloth, tear off the plastic film on the label, and wipe the label surface. When the full label is going to wet, you can stop and wait a few minutes to make the glue soften. After some minutes, use the previous cloth to wipe the surface. When you take labels off wine bottles, you can clean the rest scraps of paper with water and soap. Now, the work of removing labels from wine bottles is done. Just wash wine bottles with clean water, then dry them using a clean cloth or dry them naturally.

Method 4: Removing labels from wine bottles using a hairdryer

This is also a really easy way of removing labels from wine bottles. You just need to run the hairdryer to blow the label with hot wind. Heat the labels for about 5 minutes and tear them off.

glass bottle

Which is the best method for removing labels from wine bottles?

To tell the truth, there is no particular method fitting all situations. Some wine labels are easy to remove, and some are firmly stuck on the bottle. So, sometimes how to take labels off wine bottles needs more than one method. You need to attempt different means of getting labels off wine bottles. Fortunately, these methods are easy to achieve. Although no one method fits all, you can combine these ways of removing wine bottle labels.

How to own personalized wine bottle labels?

If you are preparing to reuse wine bottles and stick to your personalized wine bottle labels, you just need to find a wine bottle label maker. You can just search for wine stickers or labels on shopping platforms for small quantities. But it will take you more money for small-quantity custom wine bottle labels. Therefore, it’s wise to find a glass bottle manufacturer to make custom wine bottle labels in bulk. The more labels you buy, the lower the wine label price you get.

Besides labels for wine bottles, glass bottle manufacturers can make custom wine corks and caps. So, remember to quote a glass bottle manufacturer for a custom wine label price, which will save you a lot of money in your pocket. If you want to make your unique wine labels with special meaning, you can send us messages. We are a glass bottle manufacturer and an expert in producing various wine bottles and liquor bottles, like whisky bottles, rum bottles, etc. We will provide you with a discount on your first order in Ruisheng. We are confident you will reorder from us after you receive your first order with unmatched quality and competitive price.


This blog listed a few easy ways to remove wine bottle labels. These methods don’t cost much time and money. In this blog, we also talked about how to get personalized wine bottle labels, no matter in small quantities or big orders. Lastly, if you want to purchase glass bottles of various sizes, please reach us. We provide all related services, such as making bottles, labels, closures, etc.