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Ruisheng perfume glass bottles

Ruisheng has rich experience in producing glass perfume bottles. And its production technology is mature. The company’s products are suitable for various brands of perfume. Our perfume bottles are equipped with caps and have good sealing properties. Our products are available in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. We’ll help you choose a perfume glass bottle that’s both high-end and right for you.

perfume glass bottle

Glass Square Perfume Bottles

perfume glass bottles

Cylindrical Squat Glass

perfume glass bottles

Clear Glass Roll on Bottle with Golden Cap

perfume glass bottles

Black Round Lip Perfume Bottle

perfume glass bottles

Silver Cap Perfume Bottles

perfume glass bottles

Transparent Lid Glass Perfume Bottle

perfume glass bottles

Transparent Mesh Glass Perfume Bottle

perfume glass bottles

Stained Gradient Glass Perfume Bottle

glass perfume bottles

Colorful Glass Perfume Bottles

Shown above are only some samples. There are many other glass perfume bottles in our company. If you want to see more samples or need customized glass bottles, please contact us. We can certainly provide you with the proper glass bottle.

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Perfume Glass Bottle Advantages



Glass perfume bottles are non-toxic. Generally, they are safe for storing and packaging perfume. Glass bottles have good sealing properties and prevent evaporation. Moreover, glass bottles are recyclable and very friendly to the environment.



Glass perfume bottles are available in round, square, cylindrical, rhombus, and other shapes. Glass bottles are available in capacities ranging from 10-200 ml. Colors are also available in transparent, colored, and gradient. Additionally, we have a variety of bottle caps to choose from.


We provide customization of a variety of processes you need, including:

  • Color coating
  • Logo silk screen
  • Logo foil stamping
  • Frosted
  • Decorative firing
  • Bottle surface polishing process


The packaging of perfume glass bottles is heat-resistant. The glass bottle maintains stability even in high-temperature environments such as automobiles. Glass bottles will not react negatively with your perfume.

Our Services

Various Options

Our company offers various glass perfume bottles to suit different preferences and needs. Our diverse selection includes different sizes, shapes, and designs. Whether you prefer classic or modern, we have the ideal glass bottle to match your fragrance.

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Unique Design

Do you want to order unique perfume glass bottles in bulk? Contact us! The delivery time will be one week if the product is in stock. We will immediately design a sample for you if there is no stock. If you are satisfied with the goods, we will start producing glass bottles. The entire process takes approximately 75 days. Our minimum order quantity is 3000.

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High Quality

Our glass perfume bottles use high white material. The glass bottle has a smooth surface and good texture. This material adds to the high-end and luxurious feel of the bottle. And we will carefully treat the quality of every bottle we produce.

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