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Glass Liquor Bottles

Ruisheng offers diversified liquor packaging solutions for many industries. Shop Ruisheng, you can find glass wine bottles, glass beer bottles, and many other glass bottles for a variety of spirits. We offer different sizes of liquor bottles, including 1000ml, 700ml, and 750ml glass bottles. We are China’s leading company with 20 years of exporting glass bottles in bulk. If you are looking for reliable glass liquor bottle manufacturers, we hope we will be one of your choices.

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Wholesale Liquor Bottles Custom Service

The customized service and steps are as follows.

-Provide us the bottle plan/ drawing/ layout or bottle physical sample
-We create a 3D drawing and a new technical bottle size drawing sent to you for approval
-After your confirmation and payment for the mold costs, we will make a sample mold and use the sample mold on the machine to make glass bottles. This process will take 20 days around.
-We sent the glass bottle sample to you by FedEx to let you check: the estimate 5-7days
-If the sample is no problem, we will send you a proforma Invoice and transfer 50% advanced payment. We move on to making the production mold and producing bulk glass bottles. This process takes about 45 days when we receive your deposit.

Custom Liquor Bottle Quantity: 20GP and 40GP.

Since different bottles have different loading quantities, please feel free to contact our sales team for more details.

Deep Processing

  • Decorations: Frost, Painting color, Screen Printing, Decals, etc.
  • Custom Liquor Bottle Labels: Paper Sticker, Screen Printing, Decals
  • Custom Bottle Caps and Corks: Wooden Cork, Synthetic Cork, High Polymer cork, etc.
  • Custom Cardboard Boxes: We can customize them according to your carton artwork design.

Why choose us?

Strong production capacity

We have more than 500 employees and a team of sophisticated engineers. Thanks to our excellent staff, our daily production capacity reaches 120,000pcs in first-grade glass bottles. At the same time, the middle-grade glass bottles reach 200,000pcs each day.    

Full product line

We produce glass liquor bottles and glass wine bottles. For all liquors and wines, we mainly manufacture 750ml glass bottles, 700ml and 1000ml. The glass liquor bottles are suitable for most spirits, like Vodka, Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Gin, etc. There are ten production lines which include:

3 CNC manual machine production lines

4 CNC semi-automatic production lines

3 CNC automatic production lines

The full production lines make our strong production capacity. 

Competitive price

We are one of the top glass bottle manufacturers in China. So we have the most competitive wholesale glass bottle price. If you need wholesale liquor bottles and the latest glass bottle price list, just connect our sales representative. Our sales representative will offer you the glass bottle price list and other details.

Vast experience exporting glass liquor bottles

Ruisheng company was founded in 2009. From the beginning of its establishment, Ruisheng was going to start an international business. After decades of effort and producing high-quality products, we are fully trusted by our clients worldwide.

Eco-friendly materials

We focus on environmental protection. Our glass spirit bottles are made of eco-friendly materials. So all glass bottles are recyclable.

Excellent service

  • Custom service

There are many designed glass bottle styles available. If you need a custom glass liquor bottle in bulk, you can send us the design draft or the size. We will customize your bottles.

  • Strict quality control

Before the spirit bottles leave the factory, they will undergo strict quality inspection. If the spirit bottle doesn’t meet the standards, we will destroy it.

  • On-time leading

Generally, we will lead the wholesale glass liquor bottle for about 40 days for customization. For ready-made bottles, we will ship the products within seven days.

  • Full after-sale service

As we all know, glass bottles are easy to break during shipping. It’s normal for a 3% broken rate, and we will compensate for the broken bottles.