Top 15 Best Gin Bottles – Most Beautiful Gin Bottles in UK

Gin is significantly famous in the United Kingdom. It is usually a kind of spirit made from juniper berries. People often like this beverage on special occasions. You can also use it in cooking and medicine. Given the drink’s name, berries form the basis of this drink and are used in large quantities. When mentioning the best gin bottles in the UK, it is necessary to state that they taste and look brilliant.

You would love to choose any of them for special occasions. Their unique external looks and top-notch drink content typically characterize them. They are the best exhibit of British gin making.

There are many kinds of gin bottles in the United Kingdom, and the gin industry is famous globally. For the fiscal year ending in 2024, this industry also greatly boosted the country’s economic growth.

The budget of UKSA in January 2024 estimates that this industry generates over 446000 direct employment and £13bn to the economy. The spirits distilleries it was more established, with 190 in 2016 and reaching 930 in 2024. This growth will help satisfy the increasing desire for premium spirits in the market.

From Classic Charm to Modern Edge, These Gin Bottles are made to Impress

Gin is a beloved spirit in the UK. Its beauty lies in its versatility and elegance. It’s enjoyed in classic cocktails like gin and tonic or a refreshing Tom Collins. Gin is always perfect for celebrations. You can also offer this beverage at weddings and garden parties. Once again, its rich aroma and taste elevate any occasion.

The importance of gin bottles and their unique design in British culture is undeniable. Gin is a staple in pubs, bars, and homes nationwide. People often enjoy it casually after work or at festive gatherings.

Top 15 Best Gin Bottles: Most Beautiful Gin Bottles in UK 2024

This section will highlight the 15 best gin bottle designs in the UK. We will talk about the design of the best gin bottles and some information about the distillery.

For this research, we mainly focused on the customer reviews on Amazon and services on the distillery websites. In addition, we specialize in the best gin bottles in the UK market and their unique designs compared to other brands. We hope this guide can help our readers in many ways. They can learn more about the best-looking gin bottles in the UK in 2024.


#1 Gordon’s London Dry Gin Bottle

Still today, Gordon’s Dry Gin stands out as the most popular gin brand in Great Britain. Gordon Distillery has seven types of gin, which have distinct designs and can have different flavors. Of course, the most prominent of them is Gordon’s London Dry Gin.

It features transparent glass. On the front side, the central icon is a yellow label, and the blended button has red and blue tones. However, it has a sleek design with an associated boar’s head.


#2 Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle

Bombay Sapphire Gin is the second most popular gin bottle in the United Kingdom. This distillery offers diverse flavors and a variety of gin bottle designs.

The Bombay Sapphire gin bottles are generally known to have an ocean blue color. The label is white with golden and blue inscriptions and designs, respectively. This best gin bottle design also bears an image of Queen Victoria.


#3 Tanqueray London Dry Gin Bottle

Another famous gin bottle in the United Kingdom is Tanqueray London Dry Gin. The bottle is green and has a red seal on it. This is complemented by the silver cap, which provides a special class. Nevertheless, the white label with a green accent indicates the product’s premium appearance. In general, the choice of the design is traditional and glamorous.


#4 Ruisheng Glass Gin Green Bottles


This gin bottle generally has a clean and elegant design. Its basic design and clear glass make it ideal for various branding styles. You can use these bottles to create your own best gin bottle design.

Ruisheng Glass is a renowned maker of these Gin Green Bottles. This factory is one of the best gin bottles suppliers in the UK.

You can find a lot of sizes at Ruisheng Glass Factory. Besides, you can even order custom sizes. The standard sizes are 375ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml, 1000ml, and 1750ml. You can also order custom sizes from mini gin bottles of 20mL to large gin bottles of 5L.

Moreover, you also have options for different shapes of gin green bottles. Typical shapes are square, round, oval, or rectangular. You also have various color options: brown, blue, white, black, and gin green bottles. You also have options for cork, screw cap, and Guala Cap.


#5 D1 London Dry Gin Bottle


The D1 London Dry Gin Bottle typically has a contemporary and classy look, accompanied by its blue-colored label. This best-looking gin bottle has quite an artistic look; you can see two designs on the front and back. Turning to the back is an exquisite Great Britain national flag.”

London Gin generally has moderate juniper berries and traditional British flavors and aromas. It is typically produced in copper pot stills and has fruity and herbal characteristics. You may feel strawberry and nettle flavors. Therefore, it has a smooth feel. You can enjoy this beverage on any occasion.


#6 Mountain Strength Gin Bottle


Our next best pick is the Mountain Strength Gin Bottle from Skiddaw. The company was opened in 2014 and produced 2900 bottles of these gin bottles.

These best gin bottles offer a textured, icy blue design that elegantly evokes the rugged beauty of mountains. In addition, the gold accents give it a bit of class, which goes well with its strong and bold name. These best gin bottles are Skiddaw’s limited edition, bottled at 51% ABV.


#7 Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret Gins Bottle


Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret Gin bottle is another famous gin bottle design in the UK. It has a dramatic design with a rich purple label. The best thing about this bottle is that it highlights a decorative chandelier motif. This best-looking gin bottle is designed based on the glamour of a grand cabaret.

While this gin is bright and bold, it stays pleasantly light. It tastes good with Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret and Tonic. However, this enjoyment may increase a hundred times if you try it with cranberry, lime, and champagne.


#8 Hebridean Gin Bottle


This Tobermory Hebridean Gin bottle design is generally transparent. It typically showcases the Isle of Mull’s colorful buildings on the bottle surface. The sleek, modern look perfectly matches the name “Hebridean Gin.” This best gin bottle design emphasizes the company’s authentic Scottish heritage.

Tobermory Hebridean Gin is usually produced on the Isle of Mull and primarily comes from natural resources in this area. When you taste it, you will feel the freshness and sharpness of the sour taste. Have a flavorful taste in a G&T with pink grapefruit and thyme.


#9 Kinrara Highland Dry Gin Bottle


Kinrara Highland Dry Gin’s bottle features a serene blue design with mountain images. This best gin bottle design reflects its Scottish Highland origin. In 2021 and 2022, it was awarded the best Scottish contemporary gin title.

Kinrara Highland Dry Gin boasts orange peel, rosehip, and pine aromas. It has a smooth, subtle, yet complex flavor.


#10 The King Soho Gin Bottle


As you can see, this King of Soho Gin bottle has a colorful look and feel, with an appealing, fox-like character. This is the best gin bottle design because it captures the essence of Soho and the nightlife scene that befits the booze. Alex Robson and Howard Raymond are the minds behind these best gin bottles.

King of Soho Gin has a clean, subtle, gentle scent and a lovely Juniper and pine flavor. It also contains lime with a twist of grapefruit. When you taste it, you will taste a warm, spicy tail finished with a moderate pepper spiciness and a creamy aftertaste.


#11 Marmalade Gin Bottle

The bottle design of the Marmalade Gin depicts a scene of a street lined with houses with bright orange stripes. This best gin bottle design radiates sunshine and invites people to enjoy the bitter-sweet alcoholic spirit. The art also has a traditional truck loaded up with oranges. All in all, it complements the warm, citrus feel of the bottle.


#12 Land of Saints Cornish Organic Gin Bottle
Land_of_Saints_Cornish_Organic Gin_glass_bottle

This gin bottle usually comes with a very simple design. They are slim and come with a cork head. On the front side, it shows a simple map of Cornwall. On top of it, the name “Land of Saints” appears. On the back side, you will find beautiful ocean art. These best gin bottles can give you a sense of place and purity.

This organic gin is perfect for summer evenings, beach picnics, or festive celebrations. Its fresh taste suits various occasions.


#13 Edinburgh Cannon Ball Gin Bottle


The Edinburgh Gin Cannonball bottle design is plain and simple but elegant, with navy blue and white as its major colors. This is among the most preferred gin bottles in the United Kingdom. In so doing, it portrays a subject with a strong and a bit bold contingent. Even the label has an embossed feel and sophisticated-looking decoration around the company’s name.

This gin is suitable for making or using tonic, lemon, and ice martinis. Its bold flavor perfectly complements celebratory cocktails.


#14 Cambridge Dry Gin Bottle

Cambridge_Dry Gin_glass_bottle

The second best option among gin manufacturers is Cambridge Distillery Dry Gin. These gin bottles also give a good, classy, and stylish appearance. Light blue and engraved botanical illustrations promise you will feel like you are in the English garden in spring.


#15 Red H Ruby’s Pink Gin Bottle


Our last choice is Reh H Ruby’s Pink Gin. It is pink in color, and when it comes to color, the pink color is always conspicuous. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive gin bottles in the UK. These bottles come with a dark pink label. You can also find gold and black text on it. However, the shape of the round and smooth bottle most often brings a modern look.


Gin liquor is very trendy in the UK beverage market. People love to choose unique and best gin bottles for their beloved person or parties. Gordon’s, Bombay Gin, and Tanqueray Gin bottles have recently become popular. Other gin bottles like Hendricks, Cambridge, and Edinburgh are also common.

If you are looking for the best gin bottle manufacturer, contact Ruisheng Glass Factory. We produce a wide range of gin bottles and also other liquor bottles. You can create custom designs with varying shapes and sizes. Feel free to contact our customer team.