Top 10 Glass Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

In the alcohol industry, the 700 ml whiskey bottle is a mark of quality. Excellent glassware with a traditional appearance is essential in the branding of whisky. The golden essence of aged spirits deserves packaging speaking about its history.


Whisky lovers like the 700 ml size. It permits the bottle to be filled to the top without leaking. Furthermore, this glass bottle is more than just a vessel for your favorite beverage. It represents your refined preferences and high regard for quality.


What Are the Advantages of Using 700ml Glass Whisky Bottles?

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Whisky tastes better when kept in a 700ml bottle. This container size has several advantages.


1) Optimal Serving Size


This serving size is ideal for whisky enthusiasts who wish to share it with friends. Its 700 ml volume makes it ideal for a variety of occasions. It involves parties, tastings, and relaxed hours spent savoring the drink’s intricacies.


2) Standard Dimensions


The 700-milliliter whisky bottle has become the industry standard. It implies that customers can always anticipate reasonable prices and good packaging. Consumers, retailers, and bars appreciate the same size because it simplifies inventory.


3) High quality


The interior of the 700ml bottle displays the whisky’s rich color and labeling features. Its small size makes it suitable for attractive displays in shops and bar tops.


4) Simple to Use


This bottle size strikes an optimum mix between storage capacity and portability. It also helps to preserve the quality of the whisky.


The 700 ml bottle is a reasonable size and weight, making it convenient to transport. Customers and retailers alike enjoy how portable and controllable it is. The bottle’s lightweight design and easy grip make it excellent for pouring whisky.


The World’s Finest 700 ml Whisky Bottle Manufacturers


Many famous multinational companies are involved in the production of whisky bottles. Let’s look at each company’s key facts.


1) Ruisheng Glass

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If you need glass bottles of various sizes for alcoholic beverages, Ruisheng Glass is the place to go. When producing glass bottles, the firm adheres to many quality control methods. They only send bottles that have passed a stringent quality control examination. Their 700 ml bottles have an excellent track record for creativity.


You can order plain, frosted, and even bottles with custom paint jobs. Ruisheng team can also silk screen print, decal, or hot stamp emboss your brand into bottles. Besides producing high-end 700 ml glass bottles, they also produce standard-size ones.


Glass bottles for every kind of alcoholic beverage are available from this supplier. These include vodka, brandy, gin, 700 ml whisky bottles, etc.


You should consider Ruisheng Glass for;


  • On-time delivery of glass bottles
  • Customized services
  • Prompt customer support


2) Liquorpac

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Liquorpac is a business focusing on packaging solutions for the alcoholic beverage sector. Their primary offerings include various bottle tops, closures, etc.


This company exports glass bottles to more than 30 nations around the globe. The company’s founders include top personnel. It consists of plant and factory owners from the packaging sector. They are great at creating glass bottles and promotional products for alcoholic beverages.


It helps them supply competent packaging services and fulfill customer demands. The company avoids malicious rivalry and focuses on team members from diverse industries. As a result, Liquorpac has become a genuine one-stop packing solution supplier.


3) My Easy Glass

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The third name on our list is a manufacturer of personalized bottles for food, drink, and other goods. They can consistently create high-quality glass bottle items, including 700 ml whisky bottles.


Their inspection team consists of specialist field workers who have undergone improvement training. The inspection section maintains meticulous records on each batch of manufactured products.


4) Imperial Packaging

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Imperial Packaging is located in the province of Ontario, Canada. This firm is a market leader in the manufacture of glass containers. They sell glass bottles for various products, including alcohol, medication, cosmetics, etc.


The firm has set a standard of excellence in the packaging industry. Their staff meets customers in person to learn about their specific packaging needs.


They produce outstanding bottles for different drinks, including a 700 ml whisky bottle. This firm also offers extra services like custom design, logo printing, and labeling.


5) Tricorbraun

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It is a market leader in packaging design, procurement, and distribution. It offers glass packaging services for food and drinks, cosmetics, and health care.


Many businesses have turned to TricorBraun for their excellent and trustworthy packaging solutions. This company is the best choice for bottles of alcoholic drinks.


The company has a wide selection of bottle sizes and styles for your alcoholic beverages. It includes 700 ml whisky bottles. Their products come in various shapes and closure types to suit a wide range of alcoholic drinks.


6) Saxco

In 1933, this firm began supplying packaging services. Founded in California, it has been in the packaging industry for almost a century.


Saxco is a major manufacturer of glass bottles and other stiff items. They specialize in producing bottles for wine, spirits, and other beverages. This firm offers many packaging materials and customized services to consumers.


Their team works hard to ensure client happiness. They try to give service that exceeds expectations.


7) Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging was initially known as Riekes Container. The firm began operations in 1898 in Chicago, Illinois. As a result, it is one of the world’s earliest glass bottle manufacturers.


They have a large assortment of bottle caps that complement the patterns of the containers. This glass manufacturer has a revenue of more than $2.5 billion. Besides, the company employs around 1500 people. They serve various markets, including brewing, distilling, and winemaking.


8) Burch bottle

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This company is famous for offering packaging options, including 700 ml bottles. Additional customization choices include labeling, embossing, and screen printing. They also make bottles for different sectors, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


The firm is quite proud of its packaging solutions. It offers a wide range of bottles in both standard and odd sizes. If you’re seeking a supplier for wine and liquor bottles, this firm can help.


9) SKS Bottle


When it comes to packaging, SKS is the industry standard. This firm provides many glass bottles, caps, and other accessories.


The company aims to boost brand exposure and consumer satisfaction through inventive packaging. They collaborate with clients to understand their packaging requirements and deliver bespoke services. They might incorporate logos, branding components, and other graphics on packaging materials.


10) Kaufman Container


If you need a reputable provider of glass bottles, this is the firm to contact. It provides a wide range of bespoke packaging solutions to its existing clients.


Their clients include personal care, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage companies. This firm is a market leader in producing whisky, spirits, and drinks bottles. They provide custom packaging with distinctive bottle designs.




1) Do These Manufacturers Ship or Provide Services All Over the World?


Yes, many of these vendors are worldwide in scope. Each company desires to broaden its consumer base beyond the domestic level. As a result, they supply services to buyers all around the world.


2) Do These Companies Provide Bottle Labeling and Design Services?


You must check this with the chosen glass bottle maker. Some manufacturers provide extras like printing a brand, labeling, etc.


3) How Do I Determine Which Glass Whiskey Bottle Manufacturer Is the Best?


Consider the company’s track record for performance and competencies. Other criteria include the company’s customer base and attention to safety.


4) How Long Does It Take to Make Custom-Designed Whisky Bottles?


It considers aspects such as product design, size, and production volume. For specific deadlines, it’s best to contact the bottle maker directly.


5) Do Custom Glass Whisky Bottles Exist?


Almost all whiskey bottle makers provide a wide range of designs. It enables them to suit the whisky industry’s diverse preferences and promotional expectations.


You can select antique or modern design for your whisky bottles. Of course, you will need to present sample designs to the supplier.


6) Who Makes the Best 700 ml Glass Whisky Bottles?


There are several factors to consider when determining the best maker of 700 ml whiskey bottles. It takes into account things like production capacity, customization, and expertise.


Many brands and businesses come to Ruisheng Glass for bespoke bottles. This company separates itself from the competition with its reputation for bottle designs.


Final Thoughts!


The 700-milliliter whiskey bottle represents the level of branding in the spirits business. Its sturdy glass structure embodies the character of fine whisky. This commonly accepted volume ensures a substantial serving.


You don’t have to worry about flavor or shelf life loss when you store whisky in excellent glass bottles. Whisky glass bottles can also help improve your company’s overall reputation.


Now that you know the best companies providing whisky bottles, choose your supplier. Ruisheng Glass is the place to go if you need glass whisky bottles in bulk or on a custom order. The bottles you get will be of the highest quality.