Wine Bottle Sizes and Their Names: All You Need to Know!

Wine has been around for decades. Usually, it comes in bottles of different sizes. The fascinating curvy shapes of bottles enhance its aesthetics.

In the past, there were limited wine bottle sizes. However, things have changed. Bottles of various sizes are available to meet customers’ needs.


If you’re single, a split-size bottle is for you. On the flip side, the standard size is 750ml to serve the dinner table of 4 to 5 members.

But that’s not the end. Companies use more than ten diverse sizes to serve customers with different needs. This guide will dive deeper and discuss a variety of bottle sizes and their names. So, let’s get started!

Wine Bottle Sizes and Their Names



As I said earlier, different bottle sizes are available in wine shops. The companies aim to use bottles for single-person, dinner-serving, and large bottle sizes for festivals. So, you usually see bottles from 187.5 ml to 18 liters. Some producers extend the sizes to 30L.

Their purpose is to target different customers with varying needs.  You probably won’t buy a 750 ml bottle if you’re single. So, they introduced 187.5 ml to ensure you get what you need. This way, they capture more customers and increase the business. Let’s dive in and explore different wine bottle sizes and their names.

Pictured: Standard wine bottle: 750ml


1- Piccolo or Split


Split, also known as Piccolo, is the smallest bottle size. Restaurants usually serve this size to a single person. This bottle contains 187.5ml (6.34oz) of wine. Both cylindrical and square shapes are available in this bottle size. Its dimensions are so tiny that you can carry it in your pocket. However, it is advised not to take it in a pocket and drink it in a safe place.  

2- Demi or Half


This wine bottle contains 375 ml and is usually used for 2 to 3 people. Its shape is generally like a cylinder, but that’s not always true. Different wine companies can have various shapes. The expensive premium wines come in this size of bottle.

3- Standard


This site is one of the most used in wine bottles. Almost every restaurant and wine offer this size. It contains 750 ml (25.36oz) and is ideal for standard-sized dining servings. This size is suitable for serving 4 to 6 people. If you are giving a treat to a friend, you would like to go with this size. 

4- Magnum


Magnum is another most common size after the 750 ml bottle size. It contains 1.5L of wine and can efficiently serve 9 to 12 people. However, you won’t get this size in restaurants. Magnum is suitable for more prominent families celebrating any event. It is double the standard size of a wine bottle. Depending on the manufacturer, their shape can have a different design and styling.

However, the most common shapes are the Bordeaux (straight sides) and Burgundy (sloped shoulders). If you like dinner parties, barbecues, etc, this size will fit you. This is because 1.5L of wine is like 10 to 11 standard-size glasses. You can efficiently serve your guests. If you have more guests, use smaller glasses and get this size work for 14 to 15 persons.

5- Jeroboam

This is also known as a double magnum. This bottle size contains double the amount of wine compared to magnum bottles. Having 3L of wine ensures your guests get enough for their nights. These bottles usually have a typical Bordeaux shape.

You might wonder how many people can be served with this size. One Jeroboam bottle gives around 20 to 22 glasses of wine, meaning you can serve up to 22 people. These glasses are standard size. By using smaller glasses, you can reduce the amount of wine per person and make the bottle serve more people.

6- Rehoboam


Are you planning to celebrate any specific festival? This wine bottle dimension will meet your expectations. It can easily give 30 to 32 glasses of wine. This means you can get this bottle to serve families of 5 to 6 average-sized at any event or party. This site contains a total wine of 4.5L (152 oz).

This size of the wine bottle has a champagne shape and is not common. Smaller sizes are usually more liked by the people. However, they are useful for those who arrange bigger parties and events. Some people buy this size of bottle for wine storage. So, they keep using it for a month or two.

7- Methuselah or Imperial

This bottle size is rare. At least, you won’t see that in homes or at restaurants. However, they have used cellars to age wine. It is due to their small air-to-wine ratio that supports the aging process.  Each methuselah bottle size contains 6L of wine. That’s a lot of wine; you can get 40 to 42 glasses from this bottle. Such wine bottles are used in bigger family gatherings attending any event.  

8- Salmanazar 

This wine bottle size holds 9 L of wine. The overall dimensions of these bottles could be more user-friendly. Carrying them will require extraordinary effort. It is due to their weight and size. However, they are only used in weddings. You’ll be able to serve wine to 60+ people with one Salmanazar bottle.

Many smaller wine manufacturers don’t offer such bottles. The reason is that they are not sold commonly. So, companies don’t focus on creating them. The more prominent and well-established brands offer wine in such big bottles. This is due to their aim to get more customers of different niches and requirements.

9- Balthazar

These Bordeaux or champagne-shaped wine bottles contain 12 liters of wine. They can serve 80 people, each enjoying one standard glass of wine. However, these bottles are not standard.  You won’t see them anywhere except at grand parties and weddings. Some people use these bottles for aging wine.

10- Nebuchadnezzar

These bottles were named after Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II. Each Nebuchadnezzar wine bottle contains 15 L of wine that readily serves 100 people. Just like other bigger sizes, many people buy these nebuchadnezzar for aging wine. It gives the wine more depth, color, and taste. Their shape can be different depending on the brand. However, both Bordeaux shapes are common in nebuchadnezzar bottles.


Other Bigger Types of Wine that Are Rare


In the section above, we discuss the bottle sizes that are most used. Although few are not very common, they are still in the market.  A few giant wine bottle sizes and dimensions are super rare. Many wine lovers don’t know their presence, name, or size. But they do exist. 

Here is the table showing some of the most enormous sizes of wine bottles available in the market:


Name Bottle Content (Linters) Serving
Melchior 18.0 L 120-130
Solomon 20.0 L 120-130
Sovereign 26.0 L 175
Primat or Goliath 27.0 L 180
Melchizedek or Midas 30.0 L 200


It is mandatory to remember these sizes of bottles are only used by a large group of people. Many smaller wine brands don’t use such bottles as they are not sold more often. However, such bigs are available in the market in case you’re in need of them.

How to Choose the Right Wine Bottle Dimension & Size?


If you’re a single person, you would choose the split size. However, confusion comes when you have to select a wine bottle for a large group of people. Which size of wine bottle will be enough for your guests? That’s the question I am going to answer in the upcoming section, as it depends on many factors:

1- Serving

The size you should choose depends on the number of your guests. Different wine bottles offer different serving capacities. For example, split size offers one service for a single person. Similarly, the standard bottle size of 750ml provides 4 to 6 people. In the section above, we have outlined the serving that each bottle size of wine offers. Consider that before making a decision.

2- Occasion and Consumption

Are you arranging celebrations of any event? People drink a lot at such events. So, you’ll have to arrange bigger size bottles. Bigger-sized bottles are usually suitable for celebrations and parties. If you estimate ten people,  a magnum size would be appropriate. 

However, you should always arrange more wine than is required. It will help you avoid the embracement of wine getting ended. Some occasions do not need a lot of wine, such as weddings. So, prepare yourself according to the occasion that you’re arranging.

3- Budget

Lastly, budget plays a crucial role in wine bottle choices. If you’re a budget-conscious person, make sure to choose smaller bottle sizes. The reason is that when you have a bigger size bottle, the probability of wine waste is high. 

Open the second when the first one is finished. You can even purchase multiple smaller bottles for many people. When you have one big size, you open it and have to finish. Otherwise, it will be wasted. 

That’s not the case with smaller bottles. When you have smaller sizes, you can open them as needed. For example, if you have 20 guests and a few don’t drink, you’ll save one or two small bottles as they remain unopened. But with a larger bottle, you would need to open it and finish it regardless.

How Tall is a Wine Bottle?


There is no specific height of any wine bottle. Different brands offer different bottle designs. Generally, standard-size bottles are 12 inches (30 centimeters) tall. However, this is not always true, as brands try to adopt different designs to stand out.

Notably, the wine bottle’s height is associated with the design. Those bottles that are bored at the bottom have a smaller height. Conversely, bottles are equally narrower at the bottom, and the upper part has greater height. Here is the height comparison of different shapes:

Bottle Type Height
Split (Piccolo) 7 inches (18 cm)
Bordeaux Bottle 12 inches (30 cm)
Burgundy Bottle 11.5 inches (29 cm)
Champagne Bottle 12.5 inches (31.75 cm)
Magnum Bottle 14 inches (35.5 cm)
Jeroboam Bottle 18 inches (45.7 cm)

Customers generally don’t care about the height. All that matters is the wine content present inside the bottle. They buy by the capacity of bottles, not by the height. So, the wine brand tries to play with bottle design to be unique and stand out in the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much wine is in a magnum?

Magnum contains 1.5L of wine, which is double the standard size. It can efficiently serve ten people, and every person will enjoy one glass of wine.

Which is the most common dimension of a wine bottle?

Standard size, having a capacity of 750ml, is the most common size of a wine bottle. The reason is that this size is cost-effective and readily serves 4 to 6 people at the dinner.

How much wine does a Jeroboam bottle hold?

This bottle holds 3L of wine in it. In other words, it can serve 20 people easily. It is usually used in parties and grand family dinners where the need for wine is higher.

Why do wine bottles come in different sizes?

Wine companies aim to tackle customers with different needs. They produce smaller-sized wine bottles (split) to capture the single drinker. Similarly, they offer standard sizes for 4 to 5 friends spending their time together. In this way, they offer the best solution to customers with different needs. It results in higher purchases by clients.


As we explored, there are different wine bottle sizes available. Each of those sizes has its name and capacity. Understanding those names will help you go to wine, shop confidently, and buy according to your needs. In summary, every bottle size is made for different people. You can get all the serving details in this guide and purchase the size that fits your needs.