Top 10 Wine Bottle Manufacturers

High-quality bottles made of glass have seen widespread usage around the globe. Well, the whole credit goes to the bottle’s reliability and the ease with which it can be recycled.


In particular, the medical and beverage sectors highly rely on glass bottles. The beverage industry often demands stylish and designer bottles, including wine bottles.


However, the hunt for a reliable wine bottle manufacturer ends with a visit to China. If not, it can end by visiting the spirits bottle manufacturer’s website.


The factories in China are very competitive in terms of wine bottle manufacturing capability, cost, speed, and quality. For this reason, many global businesses decide to get their wine bottle suppliers from China.


Of course, Alibaba and some other local wholesale platforms make it simple to locate wine bottle vendors. True factories, however, are not easy to come by. Businesses from all over the globe often need help to identify the right alcohol bottle manufacturers in China.


Thus, below we will list the best 10 wine glass bottle producers in China that will most likely fulfill any kind of demand.


Why Should You Consider a Wine Bottle Company Based in China?


Well, a liquor bottle manufacturer based in China can offer you better deals. Also, the country’s booming economy and the low prices at which these factories make their goods are all encouraging.


1) Many Designs and Styles


Wine bottle producers in China often provide a broad selection of bottles for several uses.


Some wine bottle manufacturers focus on one product exclusively, while others have the capacity to mass-produce a wide variety of bottles, cans, and containers.


Thus, you can find Chinese wine bottles in many different designs and styles.


2) Favorable Pricing


The prices of wine bottles in China are among the lowest everywhere. Compared to other industrialized nations, the typical prices for producing wine bottles are much cheaper in this place.


Reasons for this include a strong supply chain system, a large pool of qualified workers, and other benefits.


Thus, looking for a dependable wine bottle manufacturer in China is a breeze because of the low prices.


3) Availability


You can locate a reliable provider for your wine bottle requirements among China’s numerous other producers. Most wine bottle factories offer superior customer support and after-sales service.


You can find the ideal supplier offering 24×7 service, whether you need tailored wine bottles or premade ones.


How Can You Determine Which Chinese Wine Bottle Maker Is Best?


You can check the following pointers to identify the best liquor bottle manufacturers.


  • The first consideration is the location of the wine bottle factory. It should be near to transport centers or at least easy to reach if you plan to visit the factory.
  • Then, you should evaluate the wine bottle supplier in terms of its factory size, experience in operation, the number of production plants it operates, its surface area, and so on.
  • Lastly, assess the wine bottle’s overall quality by inspecting its packing, style, material, and other details (such as the condition of the wine bottles).


Top 10 Reliable and Experienced Wine Bottle Companies


So here comes our extensive list. Listed below are China’s most prominent wine bottle producers.


#1. Ruisheng Glass


Location Yuncheng Shandong, China
Type of organization Manufacturer and exporter
Year Established 2009
No. of employees 500+
Main Product Glass wine bottles


The first factory on our list is Ruisheng Glass. This wine bottle company is a market leader in China’s glassware industry.


The company creates superior quality bottles for the following beverages.

  • wine
  • vodka
  • gin
  • tequila
  • whiskey
  • brandy bottles


What’s more, this firm is now among China’s largest producers of wine and other bottles. Of course, the company deserves this place because of its many years of exporting expertise.


You can expect seamless production of wine bottles. That’s because Ruisheng Glass performs its operations in two highly-advanced production lines.


Ruisheng Glass also ensures that each bottle of wine will accurately represent your company’s identity. The firm understands your specific bottle production requirements and can provide you with customized services to satisfy those demands.


If you’re looking to have wine bottles made, Ruisheng Glass is the company to call.


#2. Maidao Glass


Location Shandong, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2005
No. of employees 200+
Main Product Glass bottles


In business since 2005, a reputed wine bottle supplier factory Maidao Glass is known for its low-cost, exceptional personalized glass bottles.


This firm has the know-how to produce high-quality glass bottles at reasonable prices. Moreover, this firm maintains the same high-quality requirements as any other reputable global company.


You can save search efforts by working with Maidao Glass. That’s because it is a well-known wine bottle manufacturer in China.


Maidao Glass has a team of experts to listen to your wine bottle requirements. You can expect low-pricing, quality, and timely production of your wine bottles.


#3. Hualian Bottle


Location Xuzhou, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1998
No. of employees 150-200
Main Product Glass bottles, caps and lids


Next on our list is Hualian Glass, which has been in the wine bottle business since 1998. The original location of its factory was the Industrial Park.


This firm focuses exclusively on the development and production of high-quality glass bottles. So this factory can be an excellent option for you if you’re seeking variety in glass bottles.


Moreover, this firm creates unique bottles for a variety of uses. Because of this variety, its wine bottles often stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.


#4. Yantai Changyu Glass


Location Shandong,China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1999
No. of employees 50-100
Main Product Wine bottles


If you want to explore multiple designs in wine bottles, look at the collection of Changyu Glass. The main area of expertise of Changyu Glass is, of course, wine bottle service and production.


This firm has a staff of trained researchers who aid in developing new processes for making wine bottles. Thus, most of their products meet the needs of individual customers.


If you’re searching for a whole service pack, this firm can be an excellent choice since it also offers a variety of other services.


#5. Misa Glass


Location Zhejiang, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1990
No. of employees 50-100
Main Product Liquor bottles, wine bottles, perfume bottles


Set in the 1990s, this glass bottle and jar manufacturer has been

fulfilling the varying demands of worldwide customers.


Misa Glass has a robust, imported production line and also trained staff to back it up.


This firm can offer various designs in glass bottles. Be it wine bottles, vodka bottles, or other liquor bottles! As a result, this firm receives orders from more than 50 countries.


#6. JL Glass


Location Shandong, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2003
No. of employees 100-150
Main Product Perfume bottles, wine bottles, diffuser bottles


Most people know this firm by the name Baolin. This firm is a major producer of various glass bottles in China.


They make glass bottles for various applications, including drinks, foods, beauty products, and medicines. You can browse their design collection containing over two thousand unique glass bottle varieties.


What’s more, JL Glass has trained employees, including a skilled R&D staff. As a result, they can develop new glass bottles in response to consumer demands.


This company has been exporting glass bottles globally. Low prices, quick turnaround times, and excellent customer care set it apart from other glass bottle makers.


#7. Rockwood Glass


Location Jiaxing, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2005
No. of employees 200+
Main Product Glass bottles, ceramic products


This China-based company is actually a European-owned business. They provide comprehensive services, beginning with conceptualization and ending with distribution.


Rockwood Glass has an excellent customer base, including well-known brands on a global scale. That’s because this company has successfully merged European management and expertise with China’s streamlined production methods.


As a result, you may take advantage of their advanced techniques. Besides, you can get low prices and fast turnaround when it comes to producing customized wine bottles.


#8. JingBo Glass


Location Shandong, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2012
No. of employees 130
Main Product Liquor bottles


This company is one of the most well-known wine bottle producers located in northern China. JingBo Glass has been producing various glass bottles and related products for almost a decade.


This firm first focused on local retailers and wholesalers. Soon, it received outstanding feedback and appreciation from customers.


After that, this firm gained valuable insight into various international tourist hotspots. As a result, JingBo Glass is now concentrating on direct exports.


#9. Huapeng Glass


Location Shandong, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1999
No. of employees 200+
Main Product Glass bottles, ware products


Huapeng Glass is the largest producer of glass bottles. It is a frontrunner in China’s booming market for glassware with widespread everyday applications.


This firm makes use of innovative technology, an impressive technical staff, perfect management tools, and an effective quality assessment process.


What’s more, the primary machinery used in bottle making and automated quality control inspection is mostly foreign-made.


#10. Rongtai Glass


Location Jiangsu, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1984
No. of employees 600+
Main Product Glass bottles, containers


The last wine bottle manufacturer on our list is Rongtai Glass. This company has been a recognized brand for glass bottle production.


Whether you operate in the food, beverage, and cosmetics sectors, you can rely on Rongtai Glass for all your glass bottle needs.


This company has been producing glass bottles for almost thirty years now. During this time, it has supplied glass bottles to both large and small businesses. Moreover, this firm has built a massive international sales network.


Final Thoughts!


Companies can find whichever glass bottle they need in China, even wine bottles. Chinese wine bottle factories regularly create and sell a wide variety of wine bottles in varying styles, dimensions, and designs.


The key reason for this is the low cost of operations in China. So, companies looking for a trustworthy spirits bottle manufacturer can easily benefit from this situation and locate excellent bargains.


Finding a reliable wine bottle supplier is a must for importing glass bottles. If you have any questions regarding the services, minimum order quantity, quality, or price, feel free to contact Ruisheng Glass.