Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Regarding packing, glass is universally considered the most secure and effective option. Glass bottles are eco-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable, safe for the environment, and good for human health. Whisky bottle manufacturers prefer glass because it adds a sense of class to their products. 

Choosing the proper bottle manufacturer is crucial to the success of your liquor brand. That’s why you must track down a liquor bottle supplier that can accommodate your company’s particular demands. The time and effort spent thoroughly investigating potential suppliers will be worth it. 

So, let’s review the top ten whisky bottle manufacturers and their company profiles.

Why Is It Crucial to Find a Reliable Whisky Bottle Manufacturer? 


The product’s packaging should contribute to the brand’s recognition and appeal to customers. Be aware of the fact that buyers will gravitate toward more appealing packaging. It’s essential to choose a bottle for your whisky brand that looks good and makes it simple to pack, keep, transport, and drink. 

An ideal whisky bottle manufacturer will work with you to settle down on the optimal bottling strategy, allowing your Whisky to shine and attract new consumers. Luckily, there is a massive pool of local and foreign producers from which to choose. 

However, it might be tough to narrow down your preferred selections when so many are available. Take the time to conduct in-depth interviews with prospective vendors, inspect their procedures, and verify their references.

Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Here, we’ll take a look at the top 10 whisky bottle manufacturers. 

#1. Ruisheng Glass

Location Yuncheng Shandong, China
Type of organization Manufacturer and exporter
Year Established 2009
No. of employees 500+
Main Product Glass wine bottles


One of the largest producers of super flint glass bottles in China is Ruisheng Glass, which has been in business since 2009. This company has invested in 3 lines of CNC manual machines, four lines of CNC semi-automatic machines, and 2 strings of the most sophisticated 8S fully automated machine. 

Two sets of IS equipment are also available at their plant. First-rate glass bottles, known as supper flint glass bottles, are made with the help of the 8S and CNC machines. The daily output of the IS machines that make middle-grade glass bottles is 200,000pcs. So, if you have a large order of whisky bottles, Ruisheng Glass can fulfill it.

Ruisheng is the best option to ensure all of your bottles come to you without a scratch or dent. They take extra precautions to ensure that their glass bottles arrive pristine using only the highest quality materials and packaging methods. 

They stand out among the other major players in the bottle manufacturing sector. Also, they have earned the highest possible certifications in China for the quality of their products and services.

#2. East Asia Glass Limited

Location Shanghai, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1995
No. of employees 100+
Main Product Glass whisky bottle, vodka bottle

East Asia Glass Limited runs its business operations in Shanghai, China. Bottles, wine bottles, whisky bottles, vodka bottles, tequila bottles, beer bottles, olive oil bottles, jars, and other glassware are all expertly crafted by this firm. 

They are an OEM and ODM service provider. Glass bottles of various hues, including green, blue, and flint, are among the products of this business’ capabilities. They also produce a variety of designs in response to customer requests.


#3. Fusion Glassworks

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2004
No. of employees 50+
Main Product Whisky bottles, custom bottles

Fusion Glassworks began providing low-cost, high-quality bespoke glass bottle manufacturing services in China in 2004. This company helps customers with little to no experience sourcing products from China. 

It also maintains the exact high-quality requirements as any other reputable company. Fusion can provide some of the most reasonable rates in the market.

Having built up a prominent supplier and manufacturing base over the years, Fusion can deliver not just bottles but a wide variety of packaging goods. By outsourcing your packaging requirements to them, you may save both time and money.


#4. Hualian Glass Bottle

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of employees 20+
Main Product Whisky  bottles, liquor bottles, custom bottles

Regarding the design and production of glass bottles and containers, this firm continues to set the standard for quality, adaptability, and originality. There are plenty of whisky glass bottles and jars in their stock. Moreover, they also have a diverse selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of the food, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.


#5. SGS Bottle

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2003
No. of employees 200+
Main Product Vodka bottles, Whisky  bottles, Ice wine bottles


Regarding glass production in China, SGS is a household name in this field. This company makes personalized whisky glass bottles at prices that everybody can afford. 

Glassware such as wine bottles, whisky bottles, perfume vials, jars, and containers are all available. In addition to manufacturing its glass bottles, the firm also stocks over 5,000 different designs.

#6. Vista Group

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2010
No. of employees 50+
Main Product Spirit bottles, Whisky  bottles, brandy bottles


Vista Group is a major producer of glass bottles in China. They promise to provide the food and drink sectors with an extensive range of glass containers. 

Vista’s research and development team comprises specialists and top professionals in the glass bottle sector. Thus, it allows the company to tailor its glass goods to meet the needs of its clients and provide them with competent glass packaging solutions to boost their products’ worth.

#7. Jiaxin Glass

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2002
No. of employees 100+
Main Product Whisky  bottles, liquor bottles


For Whisky, food, spirits, drinks, spices, sauce, wine, healthcare, beauty products, and more, Jiaxin Glass Packaging has a wide selection of glass containers. 

People from East Asia and the Americas have used their services. Glass bottles of unusual forms, durability, and aesthetic flexibility are specialties of Jiaxin Glass. Because of this, customers can choose the high-quality glass bottles that best suit their needs.

#8. Hongmai Glass

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1999
No. of employees 100+
Main Product Alcohol bottles, whisky  bottles


Since its founding in 1999, Hongmai Glass has become one of China’s preeminent bottle suppliers. Glassware for Whisky, beer, wine, and even beauty products are some of the company’s specialties. 

They expanded their storage space to ensure the timely delivery of foreign orders. It also excels in making innovative bottles and containers.

#9. Unipack Glass

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1980
No. of employees 100+
Main Product Alcohol bottles, whisky  bottles, cosmetic bottles


Unipack Glass manufactures the finest and most unique glass containers for drinks, foods, cosmetics, and medicines. This company is a centralized location for packaging needs and a top player in the North Chinese market.

Some of the notable qualities of this company include high-quality glass production, in-house mold design, CNC machines for mold making, etc.

#10. Shandong Jasmine Package Co., Ltd.

Location China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2018
No. of employees 200+
Main Product Alcohol bottles, Whisky  bottles, Cosmetic bottles

This business specializes in glass bottle production, including design (bottle, cap, logo), manufacturing, marketing, and customer support. They start with premium raw materials and can produce a wide variety of glass bottles and jars for wholesale. 

Because of certified and experienced engineers, it can compete in domestic and worldwide markets. They foster a positive and mutually beneficial connection by committing to a long-term engagement with their customers.


What Is the Best Way to Find a Reliable Whisky Bottle Manufacturer for My Brand?

To find whisky bottle manufacturers that can suit your specific whisky bottle size and design requirements, you must first determine what those requirements are. Next, examine prospective vendors by performing independent research and asking direct questions to the firms. 

You can find various whisky bottle manufacturers on platforms like Alibaba. However, we suggest you visit the manufacturer’s website to cross-check their reliability. 

  1. Why Should You Source Whisky Bottles Made in China?

There are a lot of advantages to sourcing your whisky bottles from China instead of anywhere else. This country has substantially cheaper manufacturing costs than other nations. 

Final Thoughts! 

Liquor, spirits, and alcohol are best stored in glass bottles. The distinctive appearance of your Whisky in beautiful glass bottles sets it apart from the competition and likely contributes to higher sales. 

Businesses can find whatever they need in China, even whisky bottles. Numerous glass bottle producers in China regularly export their wares, including whisky bottles. The fundamental reason for this is because Chinese prices are among the lowest in the world.

You will find that Ruisheng Glass has better capabilities, advanced factory setup, and massive production capacity among all these top manufacturers. So, go ahead and contact Ruisheng Glass now.