1000ml Glass Bottle

Welcome to our glass bottle manufacturing factory! We are proud to introduce our newest product – the 1000ml glass bottle. We designed this bottle to meet your needs.

Our 1000ml glass bottles offer many benefits. First of all, it is made of high-quality glass material. This bottle is solid and durable.

You can use this glass bottle to package a variety of liquid products. These include juices, drinks, oils, and condiments.

Our 1000ml glass bottles also offer excellent sealing properties. It has a reliable sealing lid that ensures your products stay fresh and safe.

Besides, we also provide personalized customization services. This includes bottle design, bottle mouth color, and label printing.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in our 1000ml glass bottles or would like more details.

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MOQ: 6000 pieces
Bottle Capacity: 1000ml
Material: Lead-Free High Flint Glass
Bottle Size: Square, Round, Skull, Composite Bottles, etc
Color: Transparent, Brown, Blue, Green, White, Black, and etc.
Stoppers: Cork, Screw Cap, Guala Cap
Application: Brandy, Whiskey, Wine, Liquor, Vodka, etc


We offer 1000ml glass liquor bottles for different wines. We can manufacture custom liquor bottles or design unique liquor bottles for your brand.

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1000ml glass bottle Styles

RS-001 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-001
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 850g
Height: 319mm
Diameter: 86.5mm
RS-002 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-002
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 850g
Height: 282.7mm
Diameter: 89.3mm
RS-003 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-003
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 850g
Height: 272mm
Diameter: 100mm
RS-004 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-004
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 850g
Height: 236.4mm
Diameter: 109mm
RS-005 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-005
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 1000g
Height: 297.5mm
Diameter: 95mm
RS-006 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-006
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 950g
Height: 315.9mm
Diameter: 87.5mm
RS-007 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-007
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 850g
Height: 242.9mm
Diameter: 88mm
RS-008 glass bottle


Serial No: RA-008
Capacity: 1000ml
Material weight: 680g
Height: 325mm
Diameter: 82.7mm

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Our team has rich exporting experience in the glass bottle industry. We have serious requirements with making glass bottles. We use the most excellent materials to make pure and clear glass containers. In the glass bottle manufacturing process, we appoint experts to control quality. If you need more information about liquor bottles or others, please contact us!

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